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Why Twitter moved to Kafka

Check why Twitter moved from EventBus/Distributed to Kafka. Twitter’s adoption story.

Kafka supports more partitions per cluster in v1.1.0

There have been some changes in Kafka version 1.1.0 to improve the number of partitions supported in a Kafka cluster. The time for a controlled shutdown has been reduced from 6.5 minutes to just 3 seconds. Find here the details that made that improvement possible!

Kafka Summit SF18 - Recordings

You can now watch all presentations from SF18 Kafka Summit! Link to videos Enjoy!

Kafka Summit SF18 - Keynote links

Kafka Summit SF18 conference is starting this Tuesday 16th of October. Watch the live stream to follow keynotes from both days. Day 1: https://kafkasumm.it/sf18-day1 Day 2: https://kafkasumm.it/sf18-day2 More information about the conference can be found here.

Modernizing Your Application Architecture with Microservices

Webinar done by HVR and Confluent Webinar on how to use CDC (Change Data Capture) to transition towards microservices without throwing away all your legacy infrastructure. Watch the webinar here.